7th SENSE Sibiujazz competition 2022 winner


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We are usually taught that humans have five basic senses. Ask a neurologist and the answer might surprise you. Many doctors identify nine or more senses—some even speak of twenty-one. If you ask the folks at 7th SENSE, you’ll not only get a variety of answers — you’ll also get some EXCITEMENT: fresh Romanian jazz with a bit of British flavor. They were formed 2 years ago in Bucharest and performed concerts regularly, the most important appearances being at JazzTm (2021), Euroradio Jazz Competition 2020 (Buc), Green Hours JAZZ Fest 2019 (Buc) and Art in the Street 2019 (Cluj). This spring, they were invited to perform a concert as part of the „Jam Circle” project, a product of The Jam Community. A jazz, performance project, invented to revitalize Romania’s quarantined cultural scene. Their most representative track „Almost Five” appeared on the album „Jam Circle”, an audio compilation released at the end of the project. Their repertoire consists only of their own compositions, offering a modern and fresh sound, a ray of light and hope in the chaotic world that surrounds us.


Country: Romania
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
People: Sergiu Bivol – trumpet; Lucas Contreras – guitar; Adi Stoenescu – piano; Laura Benedek – bass; Iulian Nicolau - drums

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