About The Artist

Ophir was born in Venice in 2013 from the meeting of three young musicians during the improvisation workshops organized by prof. Daniele Goldoni at Ca’ Foscari University. Ophir is a legendary land mentioned in the Old Testament, a region particularly rich in gold, silver, metals and animals, goods to be donated to King Solomon. The three musicians relate the image of this ancient Eldorado to their idea of musical improvisation, in which the audience plays the role of a mad Solomon. Their original compositions are a mix of free jazz, post-rock and noise, where precise and cynical phrases meets uncontrolled and overwhelming cries.Their debut album, Ophir, was released in May 2017 and received important critics’ awards. The album was presented at prestigious festivals such as Roccella Jazz 2017, Novara Jazz 2018 and JAM- Mira jazz festival 2017.

Country: Italy
Genre: Free Jazz
People: Jacopo Giacomoni ( Alto Sax ) Marco Centasso ( Double Bass ) Raul Catalano ( Drums )

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