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Ştefan Stoianovici Trio was born on impulse during the early 2020 lockdown. As a pianist, composer and initiator of the project, Ştefan is the one who comes up with ideas for pieces, but his writing leaves room for his fellow group members to make their own contributions. This is the very idea behind the trio: a band in which each member is free to express their own personality, and the music is generated organically, in a joint creative process.
At present the emphasis is on deepening the connection between them, on creating the sense of belonging that becomes the foundation for what they intend to tell the public, for the earnest communication that defines a true artistic performance.
In a trio, one is limited to an instrument, but this is precisely what forces a much strongly expression of creativity. The music of this group relies on the strength of two complementary dimensions – one of freedom and spontaneity given by their ties with jazz, and one of formal control, residing in the influence of classical music. Bill Evans, Tigran Hamasyan, Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock are an inspiration for Ştefan and his colleagues, Alexandru Marin (bass) and Gabi Matei (drums).
Ştefan Stoianovici Trio aims for elevated, yet accessible music, for a spiritual experience in which both artists and listeners share a sense of liberation and communion.

Country: Romania

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